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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Exiting when rock is overlooked!

by | 5th, October 2012

THE Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced its list of nominees for 2013 and the list of acts that the public can vote on is pretty exciting… once you take actual rock music out of the equation.

The exciting potential inductees are Donna Summer, Public Enemy, The Meters, NWA, Kraftwerk, Chic and The Marvellettes (photo).

In that list, you’ve got some of the most brilliant, forward-thinking pop of it’s time. In Donna Summer and Kraftwerk, you have the lightyear leap of electronic pop which changed the way the public thought about electronic music and in NWA and Public Enemy, you’ve got rap so hot and so deep that people’s heads were screwed-on differently forever.

The Marvellettes and The Meters made some of the most irresistible soul music ever cut to wax and Chic… well… they’re just about the greatest band to ever grace an ear.

In rock itself, Joan Jett is always worth championing and Randy Newman’s skewed take on the world is worthy of thunderous applause. Procol Harum, Albert King, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Rush and Deep Purple, while all worthy of a place in the annals of rock music, wouldn’t be an exiting inclusion at all.

The introduction of hip hop outfits is particularly exciting. To make the Hall of Fame, you need to have been making music for 25 years, and so, this could usher in a period of incredible rappers and hip hop producers into the Rock Hall which has looked pretty tired for some time now.

In the case of Kraftwerk, they’re surely going to get their place because, to put it simply, they are to electropop what the Beatles were to rock. They reinvented the musical wheel and kicked the door open for some of the most thrilling music ever made.

Oddly, could the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame be about to usher showcase how tired blues-based rock is? That’d be cool wouldn’t it?

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