Anorak News | Million Dollar Crocodile – a plot with killer Amao

Million Dollar Crocodile – a plot with killer Amao

by | 7th, October 2012

WHAT news of China’s film industry? Million Dollar Crocodile is the film that will make Chinese cinema huge. The plot cannot fail:

“Xiao (10) befriends Amao, a 36 foot crocodile, who lives on his fathers croc sanctuary. Soon his father is forced to sell the crocodiles to a gangster who plans to use them for high priced meals. Before Amao is slaughtered, he escapes slaying his captors in the process. In the chaos, Amao accidentally swallows a cellphone with the location of 1 million dollars. When the rumor of this spread, the locals are split in two: some afraid for their lives, others set out to capture and kill the crocodile at any cost.”

The race is on. If Iran invades, will $1m be worth the bother? Is it an iPhone 4? Will syrup of figs keep everyone happy..?

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