Anorak News | Bear cub goes mad on junk food in Arizona home

Bear cub goes mad on junk food in Arizona home

by | 8th, October 2012

THERE’S a bear in the bedroom, what am I gonna do? Call UB40? Or if you’re Phil Volk, of Sonia, Arionza, you do not call Birmingham’s premier reggae/pop band. You do not call the grandchildren down to kill it. You call the officials.

Says Volk:

“It had been on a feeding frenzy. It pulled the lid off a chocolate cake on the counter and finished that off. It tipped the trash and went through the contents of that. It got into the pantry for chips, bread, jelly beans. It was total disarray. He ate very well.” 

Cake, crisps, sweets and rubbish… It ate well? We each of us have our own standards.

Arizona Game and Fish Department, tranquilized the bear, posed for photos with his trophy  and removed it to the Heritage Park Zoo in Prescott.

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