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Freddie Starr gets eaten alive

by | 9th, October 2012

FREDDIE Starr is alive! When we last saw Starr, he was wearing non-age-inappropriate khaki shorts and on a plane to Australia for I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!, a show now renamed I Wandered Into Jimmy Savile’s Dressing Room. Freddie Starr is, of course, the secondary thrust of the famous Sun headline “Freddie Starr ate my hamster”.

You’d think Starr had a cast iron stomach. But then he ate turkey testicles and was hospitalised.

Now he’s accused of having a taste for something worse: underage girls. The allegation, one which Starr denies, is that in the 1970s he tried to grope 14-year-old Karin Ward in Jimmy Savile’s dressing room.

Yesterday the Lancashire Telegraph reported:

Hundreds of angry fans were left fuming after comedian Freddie Starr failed to turn up for his Blackburn show on Saturday night.

Those poor sods are twice cursed.

It was just a day after Starr publicly denied claims that he groped a 14-year-old girl in Jimmy Savile’s dressing room. Five media organisations over-turned a high court injunction brought by him to ban the publication of the allegations.

Despite taking to the stage at Wolverhampton Civic Hall on Friday night, during which he cracked a joke about the Jimmy Savile scandal and called claims against him ‘lies’, he didn’t show up at King George’s Hall…

Two of Freddie’s ‘biggest fans’ were women in wheelchairs who had been outside waiting with flowers from early afternoon.

Starr’s on the cover of the Daily Mail:

Proof that Freddie Starr DID meet his accuser on Savile show.

His lawyers have told Channel 4 News:

“Freddie is now 69 and cannot be expected to recollect every show that he has appeared on and to remember every person that he has met. It would now appear from seeing footage of a Clunk Click show aired in 1974 that in fact Freddie was mistaken and therefore that he had in fact been on a Jimmy Savile show. However this does not detract away from the fact that Freddie vigorously denies the awful allegation that has been made by Karin Ward, which despite this footage is still totally unsupported and uncorroborated by any other evidence.”

Starr had said:

“I’ve never touched an under-age girl in my life. I have never been in any situation with Jimmy Savile and Gary Glitter, and I have certainly never been with this woman…She’s claiming I made advances to her, it didn’t happen. I’ve only met Jimmy Savile maybe twice…Don’t tar me with the same brush as a scumbag and a paedophile.”

At the aforesaid Wolverhampton show, Starr told his fans:

“My brief is going to tear her to pieces. I’ve never been to the BBC.’”

Only he has. And is it the best move to threaten to tear a woman to pieces, ever if she is, as Mr Starr claims, lying, or mistaken?

The accusations are coming thick and fast. It’s looking less like a purge on VIP paedos than a climb aboard a dangerously overcrowded bandwagon.

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