Anorak News | Yeah, Facebook and Twitter are good, but better than sex?

Yeah, Facebook and Twitter are good, but better than sex?

by | 9th, October 2012

THE Mail seems to be saying that checking Facebook and Twitter are better than having sex. Sure, the two little technology products are pretty good but seriously, better than sex?

Checking social networking sites is more tempting than sex and cigarettes, a study has revealed.

Researchers at Chicago University’s Booth Business School used BlackBerrys to log reports about participants’ willpower and desires over seven days.

The online poll of 250 participants in Germany revealed the yearning to interact through tweets, photos, and comments was stronger than sex and cigarettes.

Even better than fags? That is when sex and they aren’t intemiately involved?

Hmm, no, I think not. I am of an age, that one where I’m glad they#ve already invented Viagra, yes, but even so I think there’s a slioght problem here. Even the most vigorous of youths is not going to be able to shag 40 times a day while smoking two packs is quite easy. Similarly, checking Twatter or Friendbook doesn’t diminish the ability to do so two minutes later.

There’s only one part of it that does ring true: and I speak as someone who has been working in Germany. The survey was among Germans and I can imagine that something mechanical, not involving human contact, could appeal. I mean, seriously, have you ever been in a room full of Germans?

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