Anorak News | Ian Wright begs us to like weak-minded Ashley Cole and respect authority

Ian Wright begs us to like weak-minded Ashley Cole and respect authority

by | 10th, October 2012

TIME for our occasional look at the Sun’s writings of former England, Crystal Palace, Arsenal and West Ham footballer Ian Wright.

When the Andrew Mitchell pleb gate-gate row was on the Sun’s front page days after day, Wright told readers:

IN football, we have a campaign called Respect. It’s a code of conduct for players and managers aimed at stamping out abuse aimed at referees. Tory MP Andrew Mitchell clearly needs to learn some respect after his outburst at police officers…

We need to show the police force respect. This is absolutely vital, especially in these times….

We need them to treat everyone with respect.

Thus spake Ian WRight, the man who:

1993: Richard Saunders, a linesman born with deformed limbs: “I was running the line on the main stand side and Ian Wright thought he’d been fouled on a couple of occasions by a Norwich defender. In my opinion, they were fair challenges, so I hadn’t put my flag up. But he ran 10 yards towards me and bawled: ‘Where are your f****** arms, linesman’.”

1995: Says referees are “little Hitlers”.

1999: Wright was sent off by referee Rob Harris for two bookable offences. He then “kicked open the door to the referee’s room and caused damage to personal property and a TV set”. He said: “I don’t even remember properly what I did.”

Great stuff from Wrighty, who then turns his thoughts to Ashley Cole:

ASHLEY COLE is one of England’s most decorated footballers. We have produced very few world-class stars over the last few years but Ashley is definitely one of them. So it makes me extremely sad that he is hated by so many people.

Chelsea fans like him. One Arsenal fan likes him.

I know I’m in the minority, and that you will probably disagree with me, but I feel sorry for him.

Yep. Who else feels sorry for the healthy, rich, highly decorated footballer?

I’ve known him since he was 17 — most of the people who dislike Ashley have never actually met him.

But some who dislike him have.

…It is typical of John Terry that he finds himself in hot water then drags a mate into the situation.

No. Cole freely gave evidence in the case that became known in court as “FBC“.

Ashley’s biggest mistake was agreeing to help Terry over the allegations made by Anton Ferdinand. Cole was not the one using filthy language but has come out of it equally as badly.

Cole has never sworn on the pitch? And, according to Wright, Cole was mistaken in going on the record and sticking up for what he believed was right. Cole’s mistake was telling the truth in a  court of law? The FA then labelled Cole a liar, for which the player was upset enough to call them “twats“.

…I wonder if he could hear clearly. Maybe he should have just told the lawyers: “Sorry, I’m not sure what was said because I wasn’t close enough.”

In defence of Ashley Cole, Ian Wright suggests he should have been a coward and kept quiet. Cole should have let Terry stand alone and take the rap for a crime he believes he never committed. Sod the law. Sod respecting authority and going on the record. It’s all about PR:

It is obvious to me that his testimony was needed and I get the impression that he was forced into it.

In defence of Cole, Wright suggests the misunderstood nice guy was forced into making a witness statement in a criminal trial. Hear that, Ash. You’re pal says you’ve got a weak mind, crack under pressure and can’t think for yourself.

…Knowing Ashley, he will brush off all this criticism but it cannot be enjoyable.

Got that. Cole doesn’t care what you think of him.

…I would love to see Ashley spill the beans on his life in a TV programme or in a newspaper interview — it would be fascinating. He has a great story to tell.

Maybe Cole could write a book about his life, like My Defence, the tome that made him look like greedy, well, twat?

Photo: West Ham footballer Ian Wright leaves the Football Association HQ in London after being given a three-match ban and a 17,500pound fine for wrecking referee Rob Harris’ room after he was sent off for two bookable offences against Leeds United on May 1, 1999. 


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