Anorak News | Dear Jimmy Savile, thanks for the Michael Jackson tickets

Dear Jimmy Savile, thanks for the Michael Jackson tickets

by | 10th, October 2012

THE Jimmy Savile grave headstone at Woodlands Cemetery in Scarborough has been dismantled. Flowers have been left on the unmarked grave. A note has been left. It reads – and no kidding:

To Jim

Thanks for the good laughs, MJ tickets and most of all the cherry bakewells.

Love Sharon

MJ. Michael Jackson?

In the Guardian, Julie Bindle writes:

Yesterday I was asked by a group of enthusiastic feminists if I would like to take part in a bit of direct action and help desecrate Jimmy Savile’s grave.

Can we dig him up and beat him with clubs?

…on this occasion I declined to take part, because a) I do not believe in disrespecting a space where grieving loved ones go for comfort, and b) it is a waste and time of energy. What we need the Savile legacy to be is a major rethink and overhaul of police and other criminal justice agencies responses to reports of child sexual abuse.

Most of us would just settle for getting the bastards who did it and let them do it.

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