Anorak News | Mullet man kicked out of Australian bar

Mullet man kicked out of Australian bar

by | 11th, October 2012

TO Perth, Australia, where Westie¬†David Hoogland has been ordered from the city’s Print Hall bar. He and fiancee Sarah Sorgiovanni must leave. Says David:

“I’m not in a gang, I don’t have tattoos all over me, I’m just an everyday person.”

So. Why did he have to leave? The hair. Hoogland has a mullet on his bonce.

The mullet, the ultimate Australian hair-cut. It’s the hair-do that won The Ashes. One day Shane Warne will assure readers of his backpage hair replacement adverts that the mullet can once again be theirs. If Australia loses the mullet, it loses some of its cultural identity. If the mullet goes, then vests will be sure to follow…


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