Anorak News | 02 tweets in slang to its ‘hood customers’ – the Tunde tweets

02 tweets in slang to its ‘hood customers’ – the Tunde tweets

by | 11th, October 2012

O2 is down with its customers. When Tunde @Tunde24_7 complained via Twitter:

@O2 bastard big man ting I swear direct me to your owner what happened to my internet connection fam mans having to use wifi and dat

@O2 OI I SAID DIRECT ME TO YOUR OWNERS INSTANTLY you guys are the devils spwan when I call you don’t direct me to sanjay from india

@O2 so u guy still aren’t responding to me is my name GBENGA is my name BOBBY is my name ROBORT is my name EMILY don’t MUG me arghhhhhh

@O2 I will report you to the police this instant if you do not increace my internet capabilities right now selfish bastard

@o2 jheeze so u man speak slang and dat r u a girl what ends u from. And naa ii didn’t what router

A reply came from O2:

@Tunde24_7 Have you tried to reset the router ting fam, so mans can use the wifi and dat?

Tunde added:

@o2 BLUD!!! my contract with o2 don’t let me use internet outside ma yard u get me u a chick doe u hot send me a pic if ur a guy f off

O2 in the UK :

@O2 @Tunde24_7 The router/modem that sends the WiFi signal round mans yard to get internet? Reset it and let us know how you get on fam.

@Tunde24_7 A bolt on so mans internet works famo! Is your mobile internet back up and running cuz? Let us know whats wrong so we can help!

O2 users are advised that their texting spell checkers are not malfunctioning.

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