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Jimmy Savile: Claire McAlpine, George Carman QC and police collusion

by | 14th, October 2012

JIMMY SAVILE is on two front page this Sunday:

Daily Telegraph: “SAVILE: The police blunders.”

Blunder is kind. Why not collusion?

The Sun: News that as many as 60 girls may have a case against Savile.

Such a shame, isn’t it, that the Sun never had access to Savile’s mobile phone. We might then have found out who aided and abetted Savile. All we have now are the victims and news about who failed to protect them. But we want names, don’t we. We wants to know who knew; who helped; who joined in.

The Telegraph says “police officers repeatedly failed sex victims”. 

The police never listen. They only talk. The paper notices six instances where the police failed the victims. It does not have any word on why.

1958: Savile is accused of “interfering with young girls”. Dennis Lemmon was Savile’s minder. Says he: “He was really worried but everything was dropped. I was told he paid them [the police] off.”

As ever the story coughs up more questions: Who were the alleged victims? Who did they tell? Are they still alive?

Late 1960s: Police investigate under-age sex in musicians’ changing rooms on the BBC’s Top of the Pops show. Savile was not a target. But who was? If Savile had sex with underage girls at the BBC, was he the only one? If all underage groupies were victims, were their idols all paedophiles?

Stanley Dorfman, 84, produced Top of The Pops in the 1960s, said:

“They [police] came and talked to everybody because apparently there had been under-age girls in dressing rooms. It went on for a couple of weeks or so and then they disappeared.”

1971: Did Savile abuse Claire McAlpine, a 15-year-old dancer on Top of the Pops? She committed suicide. McAlpine’s half-brother, Mark Ufland, says Savile was questioned by police. McAlpine left behind a diary. In it she detailed the name of stars who had “used” her. When Savile was questioned, he told police:

“I studied a photograph of Claire very closely. I cannot recollect ever seeing the girl in my life. They say she came from Watford. I don’t know anyone who lives in Watford.’”

He once said he had never been to Jersey’s Haut de la Garenne, the notorious children’s home.

Says Ufland:

“Jimmy Savile was in the diary for having some sort of sexual relationship with her. As far as I know, Jimmy Savile was interviewed as a witness. My mother told me that the diary went to the police and never came back.”

Here’s a photo of Savile standing next to Claire McAlpine:

Late 1970s: Was Savile sexually abusing patient at Stoke Mandeville Hospital? A detective constable named John Lindsay reported Savile.

2007: Did Savile molest with students at Duncroft Approved School for Girls? Savile was interviewed by police.

2008: Sussex Police investigate a complaint that in 1970 Savile abused a minor in Worthing.

The Telegraph omits to mention:

2008: Sir Jimmy Savile was investigated during an inquiry into abuse at Jersey’s Haut de la Garenne. A former resident told police that Savile had molested her in the mid 1970s. A police spokesman said:

“During the course of the States of Jersey Police’s historic abuse investigation a complaint of indecent assault said to have occurred during the 1970s at the former children’s home Haut de la Garenne was received. The allegation was investigated but there was insufficient evidence to proceed.”

The BBC reports:

Derek Chinnery, Radio 1 controller from 1976-85, said he asked the entertainer about “these rumours we hear”.  “And he said that’s all nonsense,” Mr Chinnery told BBC Radio 4’s Broadcasting House, adding “there was no reason to disbelieve” the DJ.

Who uttered the rumours? Why did nothing happen? Who could they have told?

Jane Root, controller of BBC2 from 1999-2004, told the Observer there needed to be a “truth and reconciliation commission” into Savile along with perceived sexism in the corporation, and “throughout television” in the 1980s and early 1990s. It was this sexist atmosphere, although a totally different thing, that assisted a very dedicated paedophile such as Savile to operate in the middle of it all,” she told the newspaper.

A paedo amnesty? Would the victims go for it?

In the Guardian, Dominic Carmen, the son of the late George Carman QC, writes:

In 1992, my father, George Carman QC, had been retained by Savile’s lawyers over a different matter, which never reached court. By 1994, the name Carman, and what he could do in cross-examination, put such fear into the minds of litigants, lawyers and editors that libel cases were settled and, in some circumstances, perhaps stories were not published. Savile may have been one of those…

In 1983, Adamson was tried for indecently assaulting two eight-year-old girls in a public swimming pool, in Haslingden. Following complaints of previous incidents, the assaults had been witnessed by two police officers watching through a porthole, which gave an underwater view of the pool. In cross-examining the officers and the girls, my father destroyed the case. Adamson walked free. The following year, he told a Sun reporter: “I am totally guilty of everything the police said.” When the Sun reported the story, no further action was taken. Adamson died in 2002.

The rich get away with. That’s news?

All this implies is that people in power knew. They can’t all be dead.

Lead photo: TV and radio star Jimmy Savile presents a ££7,500 cheque to children on behalf of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. the money was contributed by more than 33,000 housewives through the Goldenlay egg marketing organisation.

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