Anorak News | Chris Be Burgh explains his favourite lyric

Chris Be Burgh explains his favourite lyric

by | 14th, October 2012

CHRIS de Burgh. What is your favourite lyric, Chris?

 “I would pick ‘Snow is Falling’ from my album The Road To Freedom. It’s like a movie. If you can imagine a camera very slowly moving into a snowscape. It’s like Doctor Zhivago. You are moving along, everything is white, covered in snow, and you go into a forest, and there are these big fir trees. It is obviously Eastern Europe or somewhere, and the fir trees are covered in snow, and the boughs are heavy with snow, and occasionally bits will fall off. It’s all in one go, like a Hitchcock shot, and you go right into the forest and there is a clearing and in the clearing is very disturbed ground, covered in snow, and the camera goes in and below the ground are the bodies of three or four hundred young men and boys who have been executed, and this is them calling to be found….Snow is falling and we are calling to be found.”

He pauses

“Their families have no idea what has happened to them. I remember performing this in Russia a few times. I had an interpreter to explain what the song was about, and afterwards you should have seen the handkerchiefs in the audience. There were people sniffling and crying. They got it because it’s part of their background and history so that’s the song I would pick out..”

He taps the side of his head.

“It’s like a Cineplex going on in here.”

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