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Girls Aloud: Getting back together, just so they can split up

by | 15th, October 2012

LIKE it or not, Girls Aloud are just about the best pop-group that these isles produced after the Millennium, in a period where rock lost its way, dance music turned into a dubstep version of Kiss and pop ruled absolute. Girls Aloud kicked the door in, introduced fun that was hip and, for a period, put an end to all those dreadful bloody ballads.

And then they went away, had varying degrees of success with their solo careers (Nadine’s being particularly gruesome), with the threat of coming back and showing Stooshe & Co how you’re really supposed to be a pop outfit.

It seems to be happening too, with Cheryl Cole revealing that Girls Aloud plan to split after their 2013 reunion tour. GA are strongly rumoured to be releasing a new Greatest Hits compilation and embark on one last tour to celebrate their tenth anniversary.

Obviously, the new greatest hits LP will have a couple of new tracks on it, because that’s what all bands do now. And yes, it is incredibly irritating.

“We’ll be working on a tour and greatest hits album. Then I think that’s it for Girls Aloud,” Cole writes in her new autobiography Cheryl: My Story. “We’ve achieved more than any of us ever dared to dream of.”

Talking to Alan Carr on ‘Chatty Man’, Cole admitted that the reunion plans were supposed to be announced before her book was released, saying: “The book was supposed to come out after we said something, so to put it quite frankly I’ve dropped myself in the shit.”

Keep an eye out for a formal announcement at the end of the week.

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