Anorak News | Jimmy Savile was the self-declared Paedo King who ‘inappropriately pulled’

Jimmy Savile was the self-declared Paedo King who ‘inappropriately pulled’

by | 15th, October 2012

JIMMY Savile news from the BBC on twitter:

BBC #Newsnight’s investigation into Jimmy #Savile was “inappropriately pulled” – UK Culture Secretary Maria Miller

After that unfortunate choie of words, we hear from Kevin Cook, now 45, who says that when aged 9 Savile molested him on a Jim’ll Fix It show. Cook says Savile told him:

“Are you ready to earn your badge?”

Cook tells the Sun:

“He pulled my shorts down and started fondling me. I sat there frozen, too terrified to speak. He just kept saying, ‘Does that feel nice?’ Then he grabbed my hand and made me rub him through his trousers. As it was happening, a man opened the door and put his head round. He just said ‘Oops’ and shut the door. After I’d done my shorts up Jimmy warned me not to tell.”

Jim said:

 “Don’t you dare tell anyone. We know where you live.”


“Nobody would believe you anyway, I’m King Jimmy.”

Jim fixed it for Cook and the lads from the 44th Newham East cub pack in East London race milk floats round the famous Brands Hatch track.

Who poked his head round the door and saw Jimmy Savile molesting a child and did nothing? “Oops”..?!

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