Anorak News | Oscar the hypnotising dog from Luton (video)

Oscar the hypnotising dog from Luton (video)

by | 16th, October 2012

Oscar is a ten year old Labrador-Retriever, but he’s no ordinary family pet. He has hypnotised thousands of people across Britain. Hugh Lennon and his dog have toured venues around the country confounding the sceptics and sending volunteers into a deep sleep. Just one look into the deep brown pool’s of Oscar’s eyes and participants go under. Hugh Lennon puts Oscar’s talent down to his special stare.

Even when he was a puppy Lennon noticed Oscar sitting and staring at him while the other dogs in the litter ran around. Dogs are well known for their special ability to sense things about people and put them at ease. They are often used in hospitals to lift the spirits of the sick and calm the nervous. Oscar uses his huge eyes to relax people as they are hypnotised.

But this sort of behaviour isn’t restricted to the stage. Animals in the wild are known to hypnotise other creatures with a threatening stare. Lions make their prey feel vulnerable with a hypnotic stare. The mongoose is known to be able to hypnotise snakes.


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