Anorak News | Those godless Tories are slashing Government to the bone!

Those godless Tories are slashing Government to the bone!

by | 17th, October 2012

THE Tories are slashing Government to the bone. That’s what we’re told over in The Guardian. It’s just appalling, the damage that the Tories are doing to the State.

Strip away the usual economic and financial alibis for such drastic austerity and what you’re inevitably left with is a purely political motive: namely, a desire to transform the British state from being recognisably European, with continental levels of public spending, to something sub-American in its miserliness.

Completely disgusting of course.

And what it shows is that the UK will plunge from public spending on a par with Germany in 2009, to spending less than the US by 2017.

Look, they’ve even got a chart.

Clearly an entirely unacceptable ideologically driven slashing of our precious collective creation.

Hmm. How about this:

Will you just look at that. State spending as a percentage of GDP will fall all the way back to the pitiful levels of 2007! Truly a complete evisceration of all that we hold dear and holy.

Or, possibly, The Guardian forgetting that while comment is indeed free, facts are sacred.




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