Anorak News | Press TV: EU bans Iran’s funniest broadcaster

Press TV: EU bans Iran’s funniest broadcaster

by | 16th, October 2012

PRESS TV has gone. EU sanctions against Iran have resulted in the death of Press TV.

Press TV is upset:

It also shows that the European Union does not respect freedom of speech, and spares no efforts to silence the voice of alternative media outlets.

Maybe so.

In 2011, Press TV said more then 1,370 people had died in drone attacks on Somalia since September that year. Press TV said 383 of the dead were civilians. There was not a shred of evidence produce to support the story.

In 2010, Ofcom said George Galloway’s show on Press TV was in breach of the UK broadcasting code. The ruling concluded:

Further, the broadcaster failed to engage or debate with any point of view that was contrary to the view presented by George Galloway. Rather, Ofcom is of the view that George Galloway, in particular, used the alternative opinions made by the viewers, which were contrary to his own, only as vehicles to punctuate what could be classed as a form of on-going political polemic, delivered by the presenter directly to camera and unchallenged.

In 2009 Press TV featured an interview with Maziar Bahari. But the Newsweek journalist was not speaking freely from his Iranian jail. Bahari says he was made to read from a prepared script.

But our pick was in 2010, when Ofcom took a hard look at Lauren Booth’s monocular approach to news reporting.


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You might miss Press TV. Still, we do have the website for some even-handed reporting:

“Where is the freedom of speech and press in Europe? Hypocrites! When it is against Islam then it is freedom of the press and speech in Europe. Lift the ban now. Double hypocrites. This is the reason why God is punishing Europe with Economic crisis. It will NOT end soon until they acknowledge the truth,” a reader said…

“This European’s illegal, illogical, uncivilized measure indicates its serious desperation and panic in facing the growing influence of Press TV across the world,” another comment read.

Press TV. You might miss it now it’s gone…


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