Anorak News | Ben Needham is being dug up on Kos

Ben Needham is being dug up on Kos

by | 18th, October 2012

BEN Needham is on the cover of the Daily Mirror. Around him is the headline:


On July 24, 1991 Ben Needham disappeared. He was 21-months-old. He’d been living on the Greek island of Kos with his mother Kerry, 19, where her parents Eddie and ­Christine Needham had settled.

One theory is that Ben was not kidnapped. He was playing close to building site. Was he buried under the rubble?

The theory is out to Konstantinos Barkas. He was working on the site, driving a JCB digger. Says he:

“Yes, I was the man with the JCB that day. Loads of earth were being taken to clear the ground for the new house. I think people were misled in thinking the child was abducted. Could there have been an accident? I don’t think so but no one really knows what happened.”

The Mirror then adds:

Other theories about Ben’s disappearance include one that he may have been murdered and buried at the site.

The paper then adds:

Mirror investigation: How we broke the story on the burial theory

Paper breaks theory! That’s an investigation?

Another is that he may have been accidentally killed then dumped in a shallow grave by the culprit who knew it would later be further covered by tons of earth.

Any more theories? Maybe the papers can get one each, draw lots. Winner gets the interview and to update their Wikipedia with the words “We were right!”

Kerry believes Ben was snatched by someone driving a white car along the lane at the time. The vehicle sighting was reported to Kos police by the four builders working on the new house, who included Mr Barkas.

And this cheery news:

Forensic scientists will search for Ben using the same equipment that located the buried victims of killers Fred and Rose West.

The Mirror has introduced the names of a couple who raped, tortured and murdered into the story of a missing child.

Touching stuff from the Daily Mirror

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