Anorak News | Flava Flav, in trouble with the law, for the millionth time

Flava Flav, in trouble with the law, for the millionth time

by | 18th, October 2012

HYPE man for Chuck D in Public Enemy, star of the toe-curling Flava Of Love and a man who told us 911 is a joke, despite the fact he is consistently getting his collar felt by them for things he’s actually done wrong. No conspiracy here. Flava Flav is a loveable bloke, but a massive tool.

So, what’s he up to now? Well, he’s been arrested after allegedly threatening his fiancé’s son with a knife. After he’d finished clawing his way out of Brigitte Nielsen’s industrial knickers, he got with his girlfriend of eight years, Elizabeth Trujillo.

She had to called 911 during a ferocious argument with Flav and he got himself arrested, probably shouting ‘Yeeeeeaaah bwwwooooooooooy’ and hyping the riot act being read by Vegas police.

Now, he faces charges of felony assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor domestic violence and was released on $23,000 bail.

Chuck D has now been, in what is believed to be a new world record, solemnly shaking his head for 15 years straight

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