Anorak News | Inflatable doll dies in police chase

Inflatable doll dies in police chase

by | 19th, October 2012

THERE are no self-service check outs at Christie’s ToyBox, Stillwater, Oklahoma. You need to pay the cashier. You need to show your face. This may have contributed to the decision of 27-year-old Jessie Allen Smith to rob the store of porn mags and a $300 inflatable sex doll.

Before his caper, Smith had bought a stringy wig at a local Walmart. This would be his disguise.

Says store manager Candace Gray:

“As soon as my clerk rings up one magazine, the guy runs behind the counter and puts my clerk’s head down towards the counter and basically leans over and puts the knife to his throat and threatens to stab him to death. He grabs the doll, magazines and money and runs out.”

The desperado is soon caught.

Says Sgt. Jeff Watts of the ensuing police chase:

“The truck sustained really heavy front-end damage. And as a result, the doll did not survive, she was just a casualty of circumstance.”

YouTube link.

With additional news video.

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