Anorak News | Lake Annecy murders: why did the killer shoot Sylvain Mollier first?

Lake Annecy murders: why did the killer shoot Sylvain Mollier first?

by | 19th, October 2012

THE Lake Annecy murders: Sylvain Mollier was the first to be shot.

When the story of the four murders in the French Alps hit the news cycle, M. Mollier was presented as a man who had happened along when a killer or killers opened fire on Saad al-Hilli, his wife and mother-in-law. All news eyes were on Mr Al-Hilli. It was only later that we learnt the names of all the victims. The older women was reduced to the role of “mother-in-law“. Indeed, that is how the BBC continues to bill her.

Her name was Suhaila al-Allaf. She was mother to Iqbal al-Hilli. Neither of them have attracted many news stories. What do we know about here? Well. the AFP told us:

The oldest victim of last week’s shooting of three members of the same family had for years suffered from beatings at the hands of her mentally unstable son, say legal documents obtained by AFP. Suhaila Al-Allaf… had suffered years of violence from her son, said the legal documents from Sweden. Haydar Thaher, 46, had repeatedly “insulted, threatened and beaten his parents over a very long time”, said one document.

A report in Le Parisien tells us that police believe Saad Al-Hilli was outside the car with his eldest daughter, Zainab when the shooting started. The pair dashed to the family car. He stated the engine. He tried to flee. But the car’s ankle got stuck. The killer then shot Mr al-Hilli through the glass. Suhaila al-Allaf and Iqbal al-Hilli were then murdered.

The killer then turned to fire more bullets into M. Mollier.

Police think it was one killer.

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