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What we know about Leeds United fan Aaron Cawley

by | 20th, October 2012

LEEDS United. They’ll chant! They’ll shout! They’ll knock your keeper out! It’s Leeds United!…

Some Leeds fans will doubtless revel in the antics of Aaron Cawley, who ran onto the pitch and slapped Sheffield Wednesday Chris Kirkland in the face. When Leeds United equalised, Crawley attacked a big professional athlete who was looking the other way.

Leeds United manager Neil Warnock said Sheffield Wednesday goalkeeper Chris Kirkland “went down like a tonne of bricks”. But, come on, it looked like a foul…

Do you take sides when a fan attacks a player? If you support Leeds or Sheffield United do you find it all entertaining?

Dave Jones, the Wednesday manager, says Leeds fans should be banned from every away ground. Yep. All of them.

BladeTillTheEnd tweets this image of Kirkland’s attacker at work on Felix Baumgartner:

Other facts:

Aaron Cawley is 21.

He wrote on Facebook:

“Chris Kirkland doesn’t want to press charges. That’s a proper result that is.”

The Mirror calls Cawley a “tattooed lout”. 

Are his tattoos relevant? Are tattoos loutish?

He lives in Cheltenham, Gloucester. He is originally from Beeston, Leeds.

He was once banned from every football ground in the country.

Kris Kirkland says:

“I thought he was going to give me some abuse but he came at me with both hands. I was sore and shocked. I thought of my family watching and it was not nice to think my daughter saw me assaulted. I want the authorities to take the appropriate action because sooner or later, we could be talking about something even more serious.”

UPDATE: Cawley has been arrested in Cheltenham on suspicion of assault. He’s been taken to South Yorkshire for questioning.

Update:  Aaron Cawley jailed for 16 weeks after admitting assault of Sheff Wed’s Chris Kirkland.


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Sheffield Wednesday goalkeeper Chris Kirkland lays on the ground after been struck by a Leeds United fan


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