Anorak News | David Walliams thanks shit taste and Shakin’ Stevens for saving him from Jimmy Savile

David Walliams thanks shit taste and Shakin’ Stevens for saving him from Jimmy Savile

by | 22nd, October 2012

DID you have a “lucky escape” from Jimmy Savile? David Walliams did. The Telegraph says David Walliams had a “lucky escape” because when he was 10 he wrote to Jimmy Savile, asking the then sainted charity worker to fix it for him to meet Brian Blessed. Yeah, Brian Blessed. Lucky escape or what!?

Walliams has kept the letter he wrote to the BBC’s Jim’ll Fix It show. He’s published it on the back of his autobiography, Camp David. The letter goes:

“Dear Jim’ll [sic], Please can you fix it for me to meet Brian Blessed, who plays the King Vultan in Flash Gordon? And please can you fix it for me to be a Hawkman for the day? Basically, I just really want to be on TV. Yours sincerely, David.”

Jimmy thought better of it. Sure, he wanted to sexually abuse Wallaims. Sure the idea of Walliams dressed in feathers was a massive turn on. But one underage boy called Brian had asked Jimmy to fix it for him to dance with Shakin’ Stevens. Given the options, Jimmy Savile thought he’d have much better sexual experience watching the gyrating dancer. Hard cheese, Walliams.

The Telegraph adds:

Mercifully, for Walliams, Savile chose not to “fix it” for him, but, after finding fame in Little Britain, the comic happened to chance upon Blessed in a car park.

Jimmy Savile was not with him. And neither was Stan Collymore. But Walliams had his huge bandwagon and climbed right on up…


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File photo dated 01/01/1972 of Jimmy Savile visiting the patients and staff of Leeds General Infirmary, as the BBC is in its worst crisis for 50 years as it tries to answer questions of integrity over claims of a cover-up about why it dropped an investigation into Jimmy Savile's paedophilia.

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