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Savile: Let’s smash up the NHS and the BBC in our hunt for paedos

by | 23rd, October 2012

THE media loves to talk about the media. Today it’s all about media star turned pariah Jimmy Savile. The papers lead with:

Daily Star: “BBC torn apart by Savile”

Oh, please. The Star, owned by Channel 5 boss Richard Desmond, is hoping for too much.

Daily Mail: “Savile’s victims to sue for millions”

They will sue the BBC and the NHS – which means the taxpayer will foot the bill. Not long ago the NHS was the highlight of the Olympic opening ceremony. Now it is the organisation with a child molesting heart. Remember when the nurses rescued the little ‘uns from Voldemort. Who knew  back then that the JK Rowling baddie  was actually running the show?

The Sun: “Savile: Biggest ever abuse of your licence fee”

The Sun, owned by Rupert Murdoch – owner of opt-in Sky TV – thinks the licence fee is unfair. You fund paedos. Your licence fee enables paedos. How sick is that?!

The i: “New BBC boss in fight for his job”

George Entwhistle is toast.

The Independent: “So. Director-General who did fix it for the Savile investigation to be dropped? And when will the BBC tell the whole truth about this scandal?”

Answer: when the guilty parties are dead? When the BBC and the NHS are broken up and their dark hearts exorcised?

The Telegraph: “BBC layer blocked emails on decision to drop Newsnight expose.”

They never learn.

The Times: “Chance to make Savile face justice was missed.”

No shit Sherlock.

The Guardian: “11 days of chaos that sealed fate of Newsnight boss”

Newsnight is a dead duck. How can Jeremy Paxman and his ilk grill politicians and demand answers when they provide none and gloss over the facts?

The Savile story runs because it is about child abuse, the country’s obsession.

The Guardian said Savile is “the devil who tries, and succeeds, in passing himself off as a saint”, one of a “ring” of “blood-curdling child catchers” and a worse monster than “even the most gifted weavers of children’s nightmares“. The BBC is being scrubbed clean:

The BBC last night reversed its previous decision and removed a 1985 recording of Jimmy Savile from its Desert Island Discs archive “pending the outcome of the police investigation”. 

Everything Savile touched is tainted by paedophilia. But amid the tales of those who were assaulted we get many stories of they who escpaed , not least of all Kerry Katona, Coleen Nolan and David Walliams, who aim to be the true celebrity face of ritualised child abuse in our once cherished institutions.

It’s turning into a witch-hunt. The media says dead man has the power to change everything you once held dear. Why. Because the media tells you that paedos are everywhere. You can’t slander the dead. You can’t jail them. But you can spread the fear. Adults are up to no good. Julie Bindel told Guardian readers:

Throughout society there is a culture of denial, minimisation and disbelief around child sexual abuse. It would seem that child sexual predators are often better protected than their victims.

Adults should be feared and suspected. That’s the unpleasant message. One child abuser is one of millions. Savile is not the story of sick man who got away with it, perhaps aided by a few other depraved degenerates. He is the tip of the iceberg. Nothing can fix it. You just have to be on guard all the time.  Trust no-one…

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