Anorak News | The Fujitsu computer for women comes in Feminine Pink with kitchen sink app.

The Fujitsu computer for women comes in Feminine Pink with kitchen sink app.

by | 23rd, October 2012

HUZZAH! Fujitsu has invented a laptop computer just for women. And they’d named it after an air freshener. Floral Kiss is made by “female engineers…aiming to bring elegance to PCs”.

The press relsease is epic:

…Based upon the design concept of bringing elegance to PCs, Floral Kiss is a new series that was planned and developed primarily under the direction of female employees.

Number of women on the Fujitsu board of directors: one out of 12.

As the first PC to be released under the Floral Kiss brand, Fujitsu will be offering an Ultrabook™ developed in an all-out pursuit of elegance, from the size and design of the model to its accessories, mouse, AC adaptor and other peripheral devices, and even to the applications. Featuring the latest Windows 8 OS, a high-performance 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor, and 500GB of hard disk space, the new notebook PC’s specs are sure to make for a user-friendly experience. It also provides access to My Cloud, Fujitsu’s proprietary personal cloud service that will be available as a full-scale service from today.

Wow. Lots of technical spec there. And there is ends:

The new series also includes a model designed in collaboration with the jewelry brand “agete.” That model is scheduled to be exhibited at a number of agete’s shops.

It sparkles!

The Floral Kiss series features a unified design sensibility that has been developed for the female consumer—from the PC’s design to accessories, such as the mouse and case, and optional add-ons. Users can select their favorite color from among three variations: Elegant White, Feminine Pink and Luxury Brown.

Not Gay Pink. Not Estate Agent Shirt Pink. No. Thsi is Feminine pink.

The top casing has been constructed with an elegant and refined gradation with gold trim, and it features a flip latch that can easily open the display—even by users with long fingernails. The power button is adorned with a pearl-like accent, and the power status LED and Caps Lock key are decorated with diamond-cut stone for a sophisticated look. An exquisite gold ring frames each key on the transparent keyboard, highlighting its elegant style. In addition, the outtake and intake vents all feature a floral motif design.


The included AC adaptor and wireless mouse are compact and fit easily into the hands of all users. At the same time, zirconia adornments and other details that give them a stylish appeal.

Nothing screams class like zirconia.

What does it do?

SCRAPBOOK automatically stores and organizes pictures and URLs of the items, retail stores, recipes, and other content that users come across when they are casually browsing the web. The application also allows users to create theme-based collages for saved content such as web captures.

What about porn? Does it bookmark porn? Finance? Banking? Sport? Pictures of cats?

With “12 Horoscopes by Fortune@nifty,” users can check their horoscope every day for the present and following day.

Live the dream.

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