Anorak News | Jimmy Savile was a miracle saved by the God and the saintly Margaret Sinclair

Jimmy Savile was a miracle saved by the God and the saintly Margaret Sinclair

by | 24th, October 2012

JIMMY Savile was a miracle, a gift from God. It’s true. He was meant to be. He was saved by the venerable Margaret Sinclair.

In 1978, Pope Paul VI declared that Margaret Sinclair practised the Christian virtues to a heroic degree and she was given the title ‘The Venerable Margaret Sinclair’.

St. Pattrick’s parish, Edinburgh, praises her. It wants the woman born in that city to made a saint.

If it can be proved Sinclair performed a miracle, she can be a saint. On the 1st June, 1982 Pope John Paul II said:

“I fully appreciate the aspirations of the Catholics of Scotland for that singular event to be realised and I know that you are praying that it may come about”.

They say she made a blind woman see and saved Jimmy Savile from certain death when he was two.

As Savile told it:

“At the age of about two I was suffering from a condition that was known in those days as dying. They didn’t give it titles then. It was just called dying. Doctors in skint areas didn’t have cars. They walked with their bag. So the quack schlepped round with his bag, said, ‘Yes, the young chap’s dying.’ So he wrote out a death certificate and left it on the sideboard so’s he wouldn’t have to come back. In those days grandparents took over the job of seeing people off this mortal coil. The parents were banished from the house until it happened. So my old man was at work and the Duchess was slung out the house. She went down to St Anne’s Cathedral in Leeds. There was no service or anything like that, she just went to sit there because she didn’t have anywhere to go. She had seen this pamphlet about Margaret Sinclair, so she asked Margaret for help, thought nothing of it, stuck the pamphlet in her pocket and walked home expecting to be one family member less.

“On the contrary, there I was kipping like a good ‘un, and grandma says, there’s been a miracle, all of a sudden there was a… Now then, there’s a kid who’s not dead and a death certificate. So the Duchess ran down to the phone box at the bottom of the street and phoned the doctor and said, ‘Not dead.’ And it worked out that the time she was asking Margaret for help was the time I was supposed to give up the ghost. So he tore up the death certificate and said, ‘It’s a miracle. You should be dead by now.'”

He told the Telegraph:

“The doctor had been around that day to see me and had actually written out the death certificate. I decided not to die at the precise time that my mother was actually interceding with Margaret Sinclair. I have absolutely no doubt at all she should be made a saint.”

In 2010, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, head of the Catholic Church in Scotland said:

“Margaret led a very holy life and consequently the Church can ask her intercession with regard to a miraculous cure. On one of my visits to Rome to see the Pope, I asked about the possibility of Margaret Sinclair being eventually beatified and canonised. The Pope said to me, get your people to pray for a miracle. That is what we are asking people to do.”

Jimmy Savile was born in 1926. Margaret Sinclair died in 1925. Jimmy Savile was made Papal saint. Jimmy Savile was sent by God…

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