Anorak News | Polite drugs dealer reports himself to police

Polite drugs dealer reports himself to police

by | 25th, October 2012

ALEXANDER Lafferty, 19, called Central Scotland Police to report a drugs dealer at work. At Stirling Sheriff Court, we hear that Lafferty “said he wanted to report that there was a male near the Raploch Community Campus with a bag of 500 Valium tablets and was selling them. He gave a description of a male wearing a grey jumper and a blue top.”

When police arrived at the scene they found Lafferty wearing a grey jumper and blue Adidas T-shirt. He was holding a bag containing 15 blue tablets with another 485 Valium pills in 33 bags secreted about his person.

Lafferty says he is stressed. He says his stress is caused by “hunners of different things”.

Lafferty pleads guilty to dabbling in the supply of a controlled drug. As he is sent down, Lafferty tells the judge:

“Excellent. Thank you Sir.”

Mr Lafferty will be assessed by psychiatrists. Depending on how he does in the tests, he could be in line for a lot more legal drugs…

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