Anorak News | Princess Eugenie is getting off with her dad (says Daily Mail)

Princess Eugenie is getting off with her dad (says Daily Mail)

by | 26th, October 2012

IN “LIKE FATHER – LIKE SON” the Daily Mail hits upon the hitherto incredible fact that some sons look like their dads. (It’s an answer to the age-old issue of why daughters of Rolling Stones members always look like their lithesome model mums and not craggy-faced papas). The Mail tells us that Max Irons (Jeremy Irons) has “inherited his father’s English charm”. His mum is Irish actress Sinéad Moira Cusack. Doubtless by looking at his hair, the Mail can tell Max has inherited her Irish gift of the gab.

What this all means is that any future lovers of these dad-lads can look at the older model and see exactly how son will work out. George Linker’s (Gary Linker’s son) dates will know that he will give them children, divorce, marry a younger woman, advertise junk food, look good on a swivel chair, poo on a football pitch and give witty links between courses at dinner parties. Arnold Schwarzenegger (Arnie) will star in films as a robot, breed with the nanny and not be gunned down like one of the Kennedys, on his mother’s side.

And then there’s Jack Brooksbank. Who he? He’s dating Princess Eugenie. Because the Mail doesn’t know what his dad looks like, it compares him to Beatrice’s:

When she picked Jack Brooksbank as her boyfriend, it’s unlikely Princess Eugenie realised he would eventually become the spitting image of her father.

Yeah, Eugenie is dating her dad. Hear that, princess, you’re getting off with your dad. And that cannot end well…

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