Anorak News | Blackburn teacher banned for wiping garlic hands on students

Blackburn teacher banned for wiping garlic hands on students

by | 26th, October 2012

FRANK White, 61, has been up before the conduct panel of the Teaching Agency. He has been banned from teaching for four years. His offences are listed:

Head of Curriculum Leader for Design and Technology at Witton Park High School, Blackburn Lancashire, Christine O’Boyle, was a witness.

* A large quantity of garlic was also found in Mr White’s workshop cupboards. Ms O’Boyle said that he was in the habit of eating raw garlic before he had to meet the Senior Leadership Team… He told her that he did this in order to make himself repulsive to the people he had to meet so that meetings would be shortened

* Made a racist remark to a member of staff. This allegation is found proved. The evidence of Ms O’Boyle to the Panel was that when the letter R fell off a school sign, she heard him say: “Witton Pak, that’s more like it”

* Threw a piece of wood across a classroom and shouted overly aggressively at pupils

* Rubbed garlic on his hands and chased pupils before wiping his hands on them

* Swore repeatedly

* Ate garlic and then breathed intentionally in pupils faces

He can appeal to the High Court.

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