Anorak News | Bromsgrove teacher gave pupils answers to SAT tests

Bromsgrove teacher gave pupils answers to SAT tests

by | 26th, October 2012

WHAT the hell are they teaching teachers? To Bromsgrove, where pupils at Parkside Middle School have been found cheating on their SATs. The cheated because their teacher at a gave them the correct answers during tests.

How the Standards and Testing Agency found out, we don’t know. But it must be because the pupils gave the same answers in English tests and maths tests.

Still, all is not lost. The kids can always apply to join the police force.

As readers Yampster adds:

This is such poor teaching. The teacher in question should at least have taught the kids to vary their answers a little after they were given them. It’s shoddy work. Even the stupidest pupil these days knows how to insert a few spelling mistakes in the course work they cut and paste off Wikipedia.

Spotter: Yammy

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