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Chelsea and lawyers Monkey of Mark Clattenburg and racism

by | 31st, October 2012

FOR a while it looked like we were not going to be told what Chelsea staff says referee Mark Clattenburg allegedly said to their players that caused them to report him. Like Kate Middleton’s naked chest the story would contain lots of shock and horror but the the criciual details.

The Guardian told us:

“Senior Chelsea players spoke to Mikel, the Nigeria midfielder, and asked him if he was absolutely certain that he had heard Clattenburg correctly in the flashpoint that followed Javier Hernández’s controversial winning goal for United, when Mikel was booked for dissent.”

The Daily Mail noted:

“Mikel did not hear the alleged abuse, but the account has been backed up by two Chelsea players – reported to be Brazilian duo Ramires and David Luiz – who are both prepared to make statements.”

Now the the Sun leads with the news:



TWO Chelsea players say they heard race-row referee Mark Clattenburg call Blues’ star John Obi Mikel a “monkey”.

All easy enough to clear up. The referee is wired for sound, all his words picked up by three other officials and recorded.

Clattenburg denies making racist comments. But because this is football, a sport used by pretty much everyone to prove points and fit their agendas, the Sun adds:

The FA had hoped to bring the row to a swift end after the John Terry racism  row dragged on. But the scene was set for another lengthy wrangle yesterday  after the Metropolitan Police announced it was also launching an inquiry. They decided to act after the Society of Black Lawyers made an official  complaint.

The police love to show off their anti-racist credentails, using any excuse to appear on the side of the angels.  The Society of Black Lawyers state their “mission” to be:

  • promote equality and diversity within the legal profession;
  • act as a representative and strategic voice for lawyers, law students, paralegals, jurists and legal academics of African, Caribbean and Asian heritage; and
  • campaign to ensure access to justice and legal services for ethnic minority and disadvantaged communities.

And they might add:

* Wade into a row that can be cleared up in the time it takes to talk to all parties, and listen and watch any recording of the match.

* Fight the corner of multi-milionaire footballer whose skin colour has presented no barrier to his success

* Use football to promote themselves.

Meanwhile, Clattenburg has been taken off  the Premier League match list this weekend. You wave the race card, and the referee is off…


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Chelsea's David Luiz (left) scores an own goal as the ball ricochets off him into the net

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