Anorak News | Sarah Cawood makes her move to be Jimmy Savile’s first celebrity victim

Sarah Cawood makes her move to be Jimmy Savile’s first celebrity victim

by | 31st, October 2012

FOLLOWING Kerry Katona’s tips on how to survive being looked at by alleged predatory paedophile Jimmy Savile, and David Walliams’ brush with a medallion , OK! leads with news that “TV PRESENTER” Sarah Cawood had a “LUCKY ESCAPE“.

Under the headline “He slobbered all over the back of my hand”, Cawood writs about being a celebrity Savile Survivor.┬áSarah says that she wrote to Savile’s Jim’ll Fix It Show, but never made it on.

She concludes:

“Maybe I had a lucky escape.”

Cawood says that back before Savile became the subject of post-death revelations about his sex life, he seemed like a “jolly lovely man”. But when she got older she thought he was “creepy“.

“His image didn’t sit well with the aging process and what seemed quirky and fun back in the 80s, became just plain peculiar and weird as he got old.”

Got that? When he was on the telly regularly, he was lovely. When he wasn’t, he was weird and creepy.

Although Cawood adds that thought he was “just another Great British Eccentric”.

A lovely, weird, old, jolly, creepy Great British Eccentric.

But things changed when she finally did get on the telly. She says she heard rumours, adding:

“One couldn’t and still cannot act on rumour alone – it’s important that we all understand that.”

Wrong. You can act on rumour alone. You can, for instance, spread it. You can tell the police. You can tell the media. You can investigate. It might not go well, but you can act on it.

Anyhow, back in 2006, Cawood met Jimmy Savile on the set of the last ever Top of The Pops. She says he “slobbered” all over the back of her hand and then held her hand “hostage“. He was a “bit of a lech”.

She concludes”

“I’m not longer bothered that Jim never fixed it for me.”

Sorry, Sarah, to be the celebrity face of the Jimmy Savile story you will have to do better. He was “a bit of lech“. The horror!


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