Anorak News | Victims and lawyers want Jimmy Savile’s £4.3m estate

Victims and lawyers want Jimmy Savile’s £4.3m estate

by | 1st, November 2012

DO you want a piece of Jimmy Savile? The alleged predotory paedophile who masqueraded as a caring BBC worker as he prowled, schools, studios, marathon courses, NHS wards and mortuaries left around £4m behind. NatWest bank, which looks after Savile’s estate, has frozen his assets. NatWest says “distribution of the estate has been put on hold”.

Many of Savile’s alleged victims are planning to sue his estate for compensation. Police suggest there could be as many as 300 claimants.

Will they then sue the BBC and the NHS for providing Savile with his cloak of respectibility? Should whoever put the deviant up for knighthood be sued? Can Savile’s old mate and endorser Prince Charles be sued?

Does this explain why so many people are now claiming to have been molested by Savile? How will compensation be fixed? Does a child rape victim get more than Someone Savile goosed? How can you prove your case?

What cut to the lawyers get?

Prize open Savile’s concrete-encased coffin and you’ll find a can of worms…

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