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Mitt Romney has been sent by God

by | 2nd, November 2012

I HAD a dream. I had a dream that Mitt Romney was elected President of the USA of A.  Pentecostal  Charisma has published records of such divine visions. (Once upon a time, Barack Obama was the Messiah.)

Lou Engle is “a leader at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City”:

 …my closest friend (and a true prophet in my life) had a compelling dream concerning Romney’s viability as a candidate. In the dream, Romney was clearly favorable from a divine perspective. After this, the substance of my friend’s dream was immediately confirmed by another prophetic encounter from another well-known prophetic voice… these prophetic experiences seemed to indicate that Romney was a sort of window of mercy to America on several fronts, but chiefly the dividing of Jerusalem.

James W. Goll:

In early 2008 when the U.S. presidential primaries were in full swing, I was given a visitation from the Lord. It was one I did not fully understand at the time…

Then the voice of the Lord came in the dream, Liberalism will reign for a season in the land and then it will become popular for moderacy [sic] to rule, which could ultimately lead to true conservatism…

Suddenly, I was awakened from the dream and the basement room was tangibly filled with the presence of destiny. I then saw in the seer realm a baseball game in action… Then the external voice of the Lord came to me saying, When the nation has been thrown a curve ball, I will have a man prepared who comes from the state of Michigan and he will have a big mitt capable of catching whatever is thrown his way.

…Little did I know at that time that Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts, was born in the state of Michigan. Little did I know, when I received this in 2008, that he would win his party’s primary for the 2012 national elections!



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