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Man licks all Cathedrals in Britain

by | 2nd, November 2012

THE Ely Weekly News reports on Lawrence Edmonds. He aims to lick all of the UK’s Anglican cathedrals. He’s licked Ely Cathedral. He licks. He says it tastes “sandy and salty”, like a clubber’s foot in Ayia Napa.

He has previously noted that Worcester was “exceedingly gritty and salty”, Durham “disappointingly bland” and Wakefield “foul, sickly sweet”.

Lawrence Edmonds, 27, works for English Heritage. This might well be a spot of PR-driven stuntery. But still, sticking your tongue where tourists wipes their paws and supplicants kneel and lament is not without risks.

Says Edmonds:

“I licked a few different parts of the building, mainly because it is so striking and photogenic, which makes for an excellent proof-of-lick photo. It was generally quite sandy and salty to the taste. Ely is in my top five cathedrals because it is just so immense, not only in size but also in its presence and atmosphere.”

You can’t say that about a Magnum or Chupa Chup.

“The way it rises above the Fens makes it appear almost alien. That was the intention of its Norman builders, to awe the locals, so the fact that it still makes you gasp almost 1,000 years on is really quite incredible.”

Gasp. Gag. And, if you lick the bit by the asp, regret.

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