Anorak News | Doctors can’t find toothbrush in teenager’s body

Doctors can’t find toothbrush in teenager’s body

by | 2nd, November 2012

WE’VE all swallowed things we shouldn’t in our lives, but one teenager took things to new levels of excellence by swallowing a toothbrush, whole.


Better yet, when the unlucky teen went to hospital to have it hoiked out, the doctors told her that they couldn’t find it anywhere.

Georgie Smith, of Brighton, felt the toothbrush vanish down her throat as she brushed her teeth but couldn’t cough it out because she’s got no gag reflex.

The 19-year-old student said:

“I thought I was going to choke to death, and was stunned when I realised it wasn’t stuck in my throat and I could breathe. Nobody knows where it is as X-rays don’t show plastic. It could be dissolving in my intestines or may already have passed through!”

So the medical advice is that poor Georgie is going to have to let nature take its course to rid herself of the offending item but, on the plus side, she’ll have pearly white bumhole and minty fresh flatulence.

Every cloud.

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