Anorak News | Chelsea fan Gavin Kirkham might not be exercising logic

Chelsea fan Gavin Kirkham might not be exercising logic

by | 2nd, November 2012

THE Daily Mail is aghast and agog. Jonathan McEvoy can’t get his head around the sight of a white Chelsea fan apparently pretending he’s a monkey. The Chelsea fan seemingly scratching his armpits as watches his team take on Manchester United is called Gavin Kirkham. In allegedly incriminating photo, United’s Danny Wellbeck (black) can be seen in the foreground. It doesn’t look good. But it’s not proof of anything. Still, here’s McEvoy:

There appears to be no uniform or even logical standpoint among Chelsea fans. Ruud Gullit, as long ago as 1996, was the first black manager in the Premier League; Didier Drogba was one of the icons of the Abramovich era; the current assistant manager, Eddie Newton, and technical director, Michael Emenalo, are both black. Yet the yob thought to be doing the monkey routine allegedly taunts an opposition player on the basis of his skin colour. The club are owned by a Jew and their chairman, Bruce Buck, is a Jew. Yet, as recently as a week ago last Saturday, Chelsea fans made their customary hissing noises at the Tottenham fans, imitating the gas chambers of the Holocaust.

No logic to racism… Who knew?

PS – On MySpace he seems to be called “Drunken Menace”.


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