Anorak News | Daily Mail pervs at 14-year-old Elle Fanning

Daily Mail pervs at 14-year-old Elle Fanning

by | 2nd, November 2012

THE Daily Mail hates paedos. It does like  Chloe Moretz. And Lourdes, Madonna’s daughter. And Bella Thorne. They were all underage when the Mail noticed their “sexy” looks. Now the Mail has spotted Elle Fanning. Leah Simpson writes:

The 14-year-old took to Instagram to share a photograph of her Halloween outfit and wasn’t afraid to flaunt her curves for the camera


Elle was a posing professional as she wore a metallic maxi dress which looked rather demure at first glance. Although it covered up her chest area and thighs, the design featured a high split which allowed her to pop her leg out of the side. When she turned around, flesh was on show as the cut-out material scooped to just above her derriere and featured clasps which fastened at the centre of her neck.

The 14 year old’s derriere.

Now. About those sick paedos who leer at children…

Fun fact: The Daily Mail was Jimmy Savile’s favourite paper!

Spotter: TabloidWatch

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