Anorak News | Thomas U. is the world’s worst German neo-Nazis jihadhist

Thomas U. is the world’s worst German neo-Nazis jihadhist

by | 3rd, November 2012

THOMAS U. is the Hungary-born, German-raised former neo-Nazi who ran away to join the Taleban. Thomas U., 27, joined the German Taleban Mujahidin. He went to Waziristan. He changed his name to Hamza al-Majaari. His aim was to “to rid Afghanistan of the infidel occupiers”.

He had converted from Christianity to Islam in 2008. His wife followed his lead and did the same. Thomas U. said the koran had inspired him to kick drugs. A friend told him about the GTM. So. He headed to Afghanistan.

There, he appeared in a propaganda video. Below an image of Thomas U. holding a gun (maybe the Kalashnikov he had had to buy himself), the message went:

“Those who believe and have emigrated and struggled the way of Allah with their wealth and their persons, have the major advantage of Allah are the successful ones.”

He caught hepatitis A. He was upset by Taleban fighters taking drugs. It was dirty:

“I was shocked at the lack of cleanliness, the people spat and vomited in the bus.”

When his wife fell pregnant, he thought it time to leave. She missed shopping and her mobile phone. As he tells court in Berlin:

“I admit that I made a terrible mistake. Waziristan was not what I had been looking for…It was a terrible experience. I was shocked at the lack of hygiene, people were spitting and vomiting. My wife was very unhappy because traditionally women are treated badly… I had only seen one dead body before, of my grandmother. The sight of their mutilated bodies really affected me. From then on I no longer wanted to take part in violence, I had been completely wrong…The widow of my friend was remarried like a piece of meat.”

So. He fled.

“Finally I could hold hands again with my wife in public.”

In September 2010, Thomas U. and his wife took a fight to Istanbul, where they were arrested. His wife gave birth in prison. They stayed in the Turkish prisons for 20 months.

In August 2012, he and his wife were extradited to Germany.

Thomas U is in a Berlin court because he’s accused of being part of an attack on a US base in December 2009. Hs is accused of membership in a foreign terrorist organisation.

He could very soon be a member of a plush German prison.

PS – Hav ing been a neo-Nazis and member of the Taleban, what next for Mr U.? Doctor’s receptionist, perhaps?

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