Anorak News | Jimmy Savile: Did the ‘BBC’s Paedo’ watch The Yorkshire Ripper kill?

Jimmy Savile: Did the ‘BBC’s Paedo’ watch The Yorkshire Ripper kill?

by | 4th, November 2012

WAS the Yorkshire Ripper secretly running Margaret Thatcher’s Government with Jimmy Savile?

Far-fetched? Nothing is too far-fetched in this media game of Celebrity Nonce. The Sunday Herald wants us to guess the identities of two more alleged sexual deviants masquerading as TV stars and Tory politicians. The Sun asks:

Was BBC’s paedo also a killer?

The Sun needs to be more specific. The “BBC’s paedo” could be anyone from Joanna Lumley to Sooty, allegedly.

WARPED Jimmy Savile has been sensationally linked to the Yorkshire Ripper serial slayings, The Sun can reveal.

As Savile was sensationally revealed to have been linked to the Yorkshire Ripper when he was pictured introducing Frank Bruno to Peter Sutcliffe, for it is he, back in 1991.

In 2009, the Sun told its readers:

He [Sutcliffe] was introduced to Bruno in Broadmoor by cigar-chomping TV star Sir Jimmy Savile, who became friends with the mass murderer while doing voluntary work at the top-security hospital.

So. The Sun says they met at Braodmoor. Back to the current news that with Savile dead. we’re finding out that he’s the “BBC’s peado”. Will the BBC start calling the Sun’s chief reporter, John Kay, “Rupert Murdoch’s wife killer“?

Not rally fair to lable an entire as wrong in the light of one employee’s actions, is it? Still, back to the Sun:

Mass killer Peter Sutcliffe murdered third victim Irene Richardson yards from the paedophile DJ’s penthouse.

Sutcliffe was jailed for 13 murders and seven attempted murders. In February 1977, Sutcliffe murdered Irene Richardson in Leeds. Other women known to have been attacked or killed by Sutclffe in Leeds between 1975 and 1980: Wilma McCann, Emily Jackson, Marcella Claxton, Jayne McDonald, Marilyn Moore, Margaret Walls, Uphadya Bandara and Jackie Hill.

Nine women attacked in Leeds. Six murdered. Irene Richardson was murdered in Roundhay Park. Savile had a flat overlooking the park.

What else has the Sun got to link Savile to those crimes?

Professor David Wilson, Britain’s top expert on serial killers, believes police should now investigate whether the hideous pair’s sinister bond developed BEFORE Sutcliffe was caught. Another crime expert even thinks BBC star Savile could have turned killer himself in his craving for more and more perverted thrills.

Prof Wilson said:

“At first sight the suggestion that Savile might be connected with the crimes committed by Sutcliffe will seem far-fetched. Yet predatory paedophiles and serial killers are the awful products of common forces which, in their case, were allowed to develop unchecked. So the links aren’t that far-fetched at all. Savile and Sutcliffe came from the same area and some of Sutcliffe’s crimes took place very close to where Savile lived. Both inhabited a world where men were encouraged to take what they wanted by force and where girls and women were seen as things to be used and then discarded. They used sex and violence instead of intimacy to express their inner demons — the need to be powerful and to control girls and women.”

So. Sutcliffe did not work alone?

Of his murder of Barbara Leach Sutcliffe told police:

“My urge to kill remained strong and was totally out of my control.”

On May 22, 1981, Sutcliffe was jailed for life. There was no word that he had an accomplice.

The Sun recalls that Sutcliffe worked as gravedigger. Savile, of course, has worked with the dead at NHS hospitals. He has been accused of necrophilia. Sutcliffe also worked on the road as a salesman. Then he got work as an HGV driver. The Sun does not mention those facts.

The Sun omits to tell readers that one of Sutcliffe’s victims, Josephine Whitaker, was murdered in Savile Park, Halifax.

Spooky stuff, eh?

Prof Wilson, head of criminology at Birmingham City University and a former prison officer, adds:

“The coincidences between predatory paedophile Savile and serial killer Sutcliffe seem to be mounting daily.”

They do?

He [Sutcliffe] picked up hooker Marcella Claxton, 20, in May 1976 and battered her over the head nine times in Roundhay Park. She survived but lost her baby.


Marcella, now 55, still has blackouts and suffers from depression. Savile, found dead at his flat two days before his 85th birthday last year, abused his paper boy at the property in 1975…The youngster managed to flee after Savile pulled down his jeans and molested him. The victim said: “He would have raped me if I hadn’t got out of there.”

Savile’s penthouse — now for sale at £325,000 — has floor-to-ceiling windows. The flat, three miles from Leeds city centre, had a private lift to hide the identity of visitors.


Forensic psychologist Dr Ian Stephen has said he believes Savile was capable of murder as his craving for sex kicks grew increasingly extreme.

And then the clincher:

Savile revealed his vicious streak in a 2002 interview. He said he wanted to murder TV documentary maker Louis Theroux for trying to make “salacious TV” at his expense.
He declared: “If he wants to die, he can die.”

He did not die. Savile did.

Of course, if the Sun really wants to crack the case, it should start at the paedo have: BBC Leeds.

The story of The Yorkshire Ripper in photos.

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