Anorak News | Young Prince Charles was ‘hugged’ by a man for two minutes

Young Prince Charles was ‘hugged’ by a man for two minutes

by | 5th, November 2012

PRINCE Charles and Camilla are touring Papua New Guinea. The Prince has been there before.

The Times recalls Charles meeting an old acquaintance.

In the post-Jimmy Savile everything the Prince does and has done is now seen by some as tainted. The Sunday Times reported that Charles asked Savile for advice before making Sir Christopher Airy to be his private secretary in 1990. And then there was that opaque tribute.

So. Here’s what the Times says about Charles and his old mate:

Earlier the Prince met a man he had first encountered as a teenager, who gave Charles a hug he said lasted two minutes.

Two minutes is still a hug?

They had first met in 1966, when the Prince visited Papua New Guinea while attending Geelong Grammar School in Australia. Lucas Bejigi was an 18-year-old pupil at the Martyrs’ Memorial School in the Northern Province, and had been chosen to build the hut where he and Charles would sleep during a two-day stay.

Oh, aye…

He is now Father Lucas, 64, an Anglican priest.

Amen to a comment more loaded that George Bush at a frat house party….

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