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I wonder if we can get The Guardian into the 21st Century?

by | 5th, November 2012

WILL the Guardian move into the 21st Century? Might be slightly difficult, trying to get the liberal arts types who write the Guardian up to speed. But could be worth it if we can manage it.

They’ve an editorial today about the decline of the High Street. How terrible it is, great national crisis, Boo Hoo etc.

It’s the current economic woes. Poor managers. George Osborne. Local councils. Business rates.

All were factors. But ultimately the British high street died of neglect, with no agency willing to map out a different future for it. The result was town centres standing desolate, even as former customers gave their cash to internet retailers rather more sophisticated in their tax planning than their sales advice. However convenient, shopping in 2020 was a cheerless business – and one in which more money ended up in fewer hands.

Perhaps we should give them a friggin’ clue? Possibly try beating it into them with a cluebat?

There really is a connection between some 12% of the retail frontage standing empty and some 12% of retail sales being over the internet. Agreed, it’s not conclusive evidence but it is at least a point that needs to be considered even if only to be rejected.

And you’d have thought that a newspaper with an internet led strategy would at least be able to make the connection.

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