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Strathclyde Police caught lying on their own website

by | 5th, November 2012

HATS off to Strathclyde Police’s acting chief constable Campbell Corrigan for his haul of “SEIZED” cars. The fleet of 10 cars  includes a top-of-the-range Audi and a very pricey Range Rover with a sticking saying “one criminal owner”.
Corrigan says the cars wer seized in raised on criminal gangs. The car dealership that supplied them might want to sue for defamation.
Having been found out, the police explain:
 “The vehicles used in respect of this event were representative of vehicles seized.” 
 But that’s not what it says on the police website. Over there, readers are told:
“Step into our car showroom, have a look around! To demonstrate our ongoing work to tackle and disrupt organised crime, we displayed a pop-up showroom at George Square, Glasgow, which featured high-spec and high-value vehicles we’ve seized from criminals.”
Another copper looks at his notes. He adds:
 “The vehicles displayed were identical substitutes of some of the high-spec models seized by officers since April 2012, and were used as examples only. They were sourced from a car dealership at no cost to the force. Acting chief constable Campbell Corrigan fronted the media facility and, in response to questions asked, explicitly advised that the vehicles on display were representative of actual seized vehicles. We were unable to use seized vehicles due to various constraints, such as ongoing criminal cases. A number of vehicles identified as stolen had been returned to their owners.”
Such are the facts…

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