Anorak News | Melanie Phillips writes an open letter to the Daily Mail Reporter

Melanie Phillips writes an open letter to the Daily Mail Reporter

by | 5th, November 2012

MELANIE Phillips sets out to prove that not every one at the Daily Mail is all that into perving at kids. Just like those Sun readers whom we are told skip quickly over Page 3, Phillips might not spend long looking at the Mail’s website, which features photo-led stories on children, like fashion icon Suri “all grown up” Cruise (she’s 6),  “curvy” Elle Fanning (14), and underage girls Chloe MoretzLourdes (Madonna’s daughter) and Bella Thorne.  To the Mail’s eyes, they all “look older“.

You can see the Daily Mail Reporter in the dock. He eyes the Beak: “Honestly, your honour. I thought she was older.”

Back to Phillips. In “Jimmy Savile and how the liberal left encouraged the sexualisation of our children”, Phillips notes in what is withe hypocritical nonsense or an open letter to that busy Daily Mail Reporter:

…even much younger children are targeted by sexually explicit pop lyrics, magazine articles, cosmetics and tarty clothes. Treated as sexualised mini-adults, they behave accordingly.


As our society recoils in disgust from the accounts of how Jimmy Savile groomed children for sex, the horrible fact is that this society itself grooms children for that very same purpose.

More kids in the Mail every day…

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