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UFO enthusiasts don’t believe in UFOs

by | 5th, November 2012

THE idea of UFOs is an excellent one. The thought that our failing species may be killed off by alien invaders, rather than our own incompetence, is a rather pleasing one. Also, UFOs give us the chance to look toward the sky with hope beyond fancy clouds. Without them, it’s either pollution or dying stars.

UFOs are, in short, ace.

However, it seems that unidentified flying objects are a thing of the past and, thanks to a lack of any evidence after all this time, Britain’s UFO watchers are looking at the small matter of the truth not being out there at all. Dozens of UFO groups have already closed thanks to a lack of interest and next week, one of the country’s leading organisations is holding a conference to discuss whether Ufology has any future at all.

Dave Wood, chairman of the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (Assap), said the meeting had been called to address the crisis in the subject and see if UFOs were a thing of the past.

“It is certainly a possibility that in ten years time, it will be a dead subject,” he said, adding: “We look at these things on the balance of probabilities and this area of study has been ongoing for many decades. The lack of compelling evidence beyond the pure anecdotal suggests that on the balance of probabilities that nothing is out there.”

“I think that any UFO researcher would tell you that 98% of sightings that happen are very easily explainable. One of the conclusions to draw from that is that perhaps there isn’t anything there. The days of compelling eyewitness sightings seem to be over.”

“When you go to UFO conferences it is mainly people going over these old cases, rather than bringing new ones to the fore. There is a trend where a large proportion of UFO studies are tending towards conspiracy theories, which I don’t think is particularly helpful.”

This is from the same organisation who has a president called Lionel Fanthorpe who once claimed that King Arthur was an alien who came to Earth to save humans from invading extraterrestrials.

PhotoThis photograph, reproduced from the quarterly UFO periodical Flying Saucers International in Los Angeles, shows silvery white flying objects as seen by photographer Erich Kaiser while descending from Reichenstein mountain in Austria on Aug. 3, 1954

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