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Welcome the Second Coming of the Anti-Christ Baby

by | 7th, November 2012

WHILE the world shimmers in the positive glow of Obama’s second term in America, blindsiding us all, is the appearance of Lucifer himself.

That’s right. The Devil is here and he’s possessed the body of a baby, according to a woman in Colombia who isn’t completely mental at all.

Ana Feria Santos is making some pretty wild claims about her baby boy who is able to produce flames, transform into an older child and, best of all, can disappear from his cot and reappear in strange places like the washing machine.

Speaking to the press, she said: “This is Satanic. I have never in my life seen this. The bag would break if it held 20 bananas so how come it didn’t break when the baby was in it?”

Getting a babysitter for “el niño” will prove to be a massive nightmare now she’s said all this. That said, she’s not convinced other people in her small community of Nueva Estrella. Some have accused her of inventing the bizarre tales (imagine!) while others have thrown stones at her home and even demanded an exorcism (less cool).

Santos said: “I asked for help and people just laughed. I have asked my God to help me.”

Or, maybe someone should ask for the help of social services? That said, some people have accused the mother of five of child-abuse, but of course, Colombian doctors have dismissed these concerns because it is clearly very normal to accuse your youngest child of being able to shit flames and vanish.

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