Anorak News | Your Kindle books, iTune songs and online videos are worthless

Your Kindle books, iTune songs and online videos are worthless

by | 8th, November 2012

I’M sure we’ve all done the trudge down to the second hand bookshop when the shelves get overloaded. Get back 50 p a copy for the old paperbacks sorta stuff. Or the equivalent at the CD shop, even bundled up the stuff and gone to a car boot sale.

The big question in this modern digital age is whether we’re going to be able to do the same with out Kindle books, online videos and MP3 music files.

The short answer is: No.

The longer answer is: No, not a chance matey.

Because Amazon, Apple and all the rest have slipped in an interesting little contract change in this switch over from physical to digital. We don’t in fact purchase of tunes, our films and out books any more. We rent them. That rental is to use, for our lives. And that’s it. We’re not allowed to resell them because we don’t own them. We cannot leave them to be inherited because we don’t own them. We have a license to use them and that license, when you look at it in detail, doesn’t give us the right to assign said licenses to anyone else.

So, sorry, no virtual boot sales in digital goods. We don’t own them so we’re not allowed to sell them.



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