Anorak News | A tale of Jimmy Savile’s teeth, a Page 3 Girl and the Yorkshire Ripper

A tale of Jimmy Savile’s teeth, a Page 3 Girl and the Yorkshire Ripper

by | 8th, November 2012

THE Sun is continuing with its story about Jimmy Savile – the man is has dubbed “The BBC’s paedo” – and the Yorkshire Ripper. The front pages reveals an obsession:

Friday November 4: “Was BBC’s paedo also a killer?”

Tuesday November 7: “RIPPER: SAVILE IS INNOCENT”

Peter Sutcliffe says Savile did not help him murder women. And if you can’t trust him, who can you trust?

Wednesday November 7: “Police quizzed Savile on ripper murders”

Ex-West Yorkshire policeman John Stainthorpe says:

“When the Ripper was really active one of the suspects put forward by members of the public was Jimmy Savile, strange as it may seem. Obviously it was not him, but he was interviewed along with many others.” He said whoever tipped off cops was “aiming in the right direction”, adding: “Child perverts soon become child killers.”

Only, the Yorkshire Ripper never murdered children.

Thursday November 8: “RIPPER Cops Took Cast of Savile’s Teeth”

No less than FOUR Sun writers tells us:

Sutcliffe NAMED Savile in police interviews and two of his victims were FOUND near Savile’s flat.

The flat was described by the Daily Mail as having “stunning panoramic view across the treetops”.

Irene Richardson was murdered in Soldier’s Fields, by Roundhay Park. Savile had a flat overlooking the park. Richardson’s body was found 72 yards from Savile’s flat. Sutcliffe attacked Marcella Claxton, 20, in May 1976. Sutcliffe drove her to Soldiers’ Fields, an expanse of playing fields next to the park. Savile could not have seen the attack from his flat. Claxton says Sutcliffe acted alone.

The Sun says:

In 1976 he picked up pregnant prostitute Marcella Claxton, 20, and attacked her in Roundhay Park — near a flat Savile owned. Marcella survived but lost her baby.

The Times noted:

Marcella Claxton is considered one of the lucky victims as she survived after being attacked with a hammer in May 1976. Sutcliffe later old police: “I just couldn’t go through with it. I could not bring myself to hit her again for some reason.”

In his book on the Yorkshire Ripper, Roger Cross, wrote that Claxton needed 52 stitches. He says Sutcliffe thrust £5 in her hand and drove off. She says as she called the police from a phone box she saw Sutcliffe drive past. He was alone.

As for facts, the Daily Star adds some of its own:

He had already killed twice when he attacked Marcella, then 20, near the Leeds pub, battering her with a hammer and stabbing her 25 times. Amazingly she survived, but has never talked about her ordeal.

She was not stabbed. But let’s no debate the crimes of the Yorkshire Ripper, a man for whom the death penalty would be apt, who got away with it for so long because he was cunning and the police viewed prostitutes as something less than women, especially a black one like Marcella Claxton.

The Sun quotes a book, one written by a former Sunday Times journalist:

According to author Michael Bilton’s book Wicked Beyond Belief, Sutcliffe mentioned Savile during a police interview in Armley Prison, Leeds, on January 22, 1981. Sutcliffe was asked why he placed Irene’s boots over her legs before he left the park. He said: “For two reasons. One, because I could hear voices from I don’t know where and a car had just driven into an entrance just behind the building — that was the block of flats I found out later where Jimmy Savile lived. Secondly I was surprised to see how luminous she appeared in the dark.”

But that is not all. Oh, no. the Sun adds:

Other links between the men include Sutcliffe’s father, also called Peter, being attracted to young girls. Both Sutcliffe and Savile were born to mums of Irish Catholic descent and had a large number of siblings, and both left school early.

But what about those teeth? A former Page 3 Girl has news:

The making of a cast of Savile’s teeth was revealed by ex-model and Benny Hill girl Nikki Critcher [see photo], who had become friends with Harley Street dentist Dr Mace Joffe around 1980. Nikki, now a mum of three who has trained as a lawyer, said: “Mace was called up by police and used to keep us updated. He told us he had to go up to Leeds and take a cast of Jimmy Savile’s teeth. He said he had been told by the police that Savile was known to them for using prostitutes and that he had been a potential suspect. We were amazed. We didn’t think he’d be the sort — he was doing all his charity work and things.” 

What say the police records? They ordered a private dentist to get a get a cast of Jimmy Savile’s teeth?!  The Sun has no word from the police. We don’t know if the cast was ever made. And Dr Joffe is dead.

After being suspected of biting women, Savile was awarded a knighthood, continued to be buffed for greatness by the BBC and Pope John Paul II made him a Knight Commander of the Order of Saint Gregory the Great (KCSG). But earlier the police had an idea that he might have been biting women? The same police who never saw fit to prosecute him when he was alive. The police who never watched him even when there were reports that he had abused girls. He was even kicked off a ship for perving at children.

Anyhow, here’s the Sun, to show us how thing have changed:

Two hookers believed to be Ripper victims had bites on their breasts. Sutcliffe denied killing one of them, but detectives at the time reckoned he was lying to cover for an accomplice.

Hookers. Not women.

Such are the facts.

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