Anorak News | Nine years for bank robber who took empty cash box

Nine years for bank robber who took empty cash box

by | 10th, November 2012

IDIOT of the day is  Joseph O’Callaghan, 31, of Gleann Si, Rostrevor, County Down, Northern Ireland. He’s been sentenced at Belfast Crown Court to nine years choky.

On 8 April 2011, O’Callaghan held up a GS4 security van making a delivery to the Northern Bank on Belfast’s Lisburn Road. He “brandished” a large knife in the security guard’s face. He demanded that the guard hand over the cash box. The guard complied. O’Callaghan then got into a car and sped off.

The box he got away with was empty. O’Callaghan had robbed it before the guard had filled it with money. As the judge says:

“It is amazing that you can do all this planning and you decide to attack the man when he is going into the bank as opposed to waiting until he comes out… It shows the level of intellect we are dealing with.” 

Indeed. Who the hell expects to find cash in an Irish bank? D’ough!

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