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That photo of Frank Bruno, Peter Sutcliffe and Jimmy Savile

by | 11th, November 2012

THE third part in that amazing photograph of Jimmy Savile meeting the Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe, in Broadmoor is Frank Bruno. The former heavyweight boxer wants to put the record straight. Bruno was there opening a gym. He says Savile tricked him into shaking Sutcliffe’s hand. He says Savile apologised.

Bruno is called the “BOXING hero”. Of that 1991 meeting he says:

“I didn’t know who he was.”

Bruno says that after shaking hands, Savile said to him:

“You’ll never guess who that was.”


“That picture has hounded me. I want to say sorry to every victim’s family and anyone that was upset.”

In 2009, the Sun relayed the words of a “source”:

“After chatting to Ronnie, Big Frank spotted the Yorkshire Ripper leaning back on a window ledge. He went over and was introduced… It was just incredible seeing Big Frank shaking the Yorkshire Ripper’s hand. There are probably more than a few people out there who would rather they met in the ring. Obviously Frank knew what Peter had done to those women. He was there to do a job and acted very politely. But when he turned round he raised his eyebrows as if to say, ‘My God, that was the Yorkshire Ripper’.”

On Savile he says:

“I am shocked 100 per cent. It’s like a bad dream. Savile touched underage girls. He is the last man I thought would ever have done these things. He was one of my favourite people. I knew nothing about it. It baffles me. It does not ring any bells. He never went into detail about girls but I don’t think he was short of them. I just feel sad now — sad to think he might have stooped that low.”

…I find it a shock to learn what happened. He was friends with Prince Charles and Lady Diana.

We are still stuck on the notion that fame, a title and money make you a cut above.

The Sun is trying to link Savile to Sutcliffe’s crimes. No proof that Savile was involved with the murders of at least 14 women and vicious attacks on at least 7 others has been presented by anyone, least of all the Sun.

The paper adds:

And the big-hearted star still visits hospitals and prisons. He said: “It’s nice to put something back. I’d go back to Broadmoor — but I do not want to meet Sutcliffe again.”

Who does Frank Bruno meet in prisons? Prisoners. People who have down wrong? If the photo of meeting Sutcliffe haunted him, why does he continue to meet prisoners?

Frank Bruno is a man who was very good at boxing. Why he thinks he need explain an old photograph is a pity. It is undoubtedly an odd picture. But it’s one that says less about Frank Bruno that it does with an obsession with fame…

The last word is on Frank Bruno’s website:

Following the publication of the photo showing Frank and Peter Sutcliffe. We decided to print an answer to some of the criticism concerning this photo. Approx 15 years ago Jimmy Saville asked Frank if he would attend Broodmoor and meet some of the inmates, Frank was please to help out Jimmy and attend. He was introduced to many inmates a lot had committed terrible crimes. Frank is a friendly person when he is introduced to someone he will talk to them it is not in his nature to be rude or ignore people he does not necessarily have to like them. Though meeting them he does not necessarily agree to what they have done previously. In his life he has met 1000’s of people, shook hands with them and talked to them. Providing they are not rude or abusive he will give them some of his time he is a people person. When he accepted the invitation to attend Broodmoor he knew he would not be meeting “Nice people” If they were nice people they would not have been locked up in that establishment. Frank is very disappointed that someone has chosen to sell that picture to the media as it was a private picture for the photographer or so Frank had understood. Once again the media are trying to influence the public to have negative thoughts about celebrities who the country have built up. Both Jimmy and Frank have help raise 100’s of thousands of pounds and put a lot of happiness into peoples lives that without Frank or Jimmy would not have happened. A lot of their charity work goes on behind closed doors when visiting prisons Frank meets loads of unknown names he gives them hope that if they behave themselves and if and when they come out there is a better life away from crime.

Such are the facts…

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