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Italy: Where the air is filled with drugs

by | 12th, November 2012

WHEN you think of Italy, do you think of fine art, tomato/garlic/cheese based food, the Mafia and blokes parping their tiny horns on scooters?

Well now, you should think of drugs too! See, some scientists in Italy have found both cocaine and marijuana in the air of eight of its biggest cities! That means, you can walk around Italy sniffing as hard as you can in the hope of getting completely off your baps!

Bologna, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Rome, Turin and Verona were all found to have traces of drugs polluting their air.

Which drugs? Cocaine and hash, that’s what.

The government-sponsored study posted on ScienceDirect also measured the traces of nicotine and caffeine in the air, but seeing as absolutely everyone in Italy smokes while sitting outside cafes, that’s about as surprising as finding out that there’s air in the air.

Apparently, Turin had the highest levels of drugs.

Better yet, the cocaine in the Italian air is present steadily all year round. Marijuana peaks in the winter months for some reason.

We greatly look forward to the Italian tourist board including this in all future brochures.

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